From Dopamine Decor to Cottagecore—These Are My Favorite TikTok Decor Trends, Ranked

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We’re all susceptible to hyper fixations—whether it’s that one snack we eat every day, a song that’s on repeat, or an outfit that never gets old. But perhaps the biggest culprit of hyper fixations is TikTok.

When it comes to home decor and interior design, there are certain trends that people routinely obsess over—and that can’t seem to escape our feeds. We’ve seen pretty much every “core” under the sun, from cottagecore to cluttercore and even Barbiecore. Or more specific items go viral, like mushroom motifs and bubbly couches. Often, they’re shaped by pop culture, fashion, or celeb style.

But just like any trend, most come and go while a few remain timeless. So, which TikTok trends stand the test of time? (At least in my book?) Ahead, I've ranked the top six TikTok decor trends that I'm still hyper fixating on today—and that continue to shape the zeitgeist in interior design.

Cottagecore Style

Cottagecore is one of those trends that took off during the pandemic and is showing no sign of slowing down. The style is inspired by a quaint, romanticized version of country life. Think of frolicking through a meadow of flowers or picnicking by a log cabin.

When it comes to interiors, this naturally includes lots of floral motifs, classic patterns like gingham, and soft wispy materials. The feeling cottagecore evokes—of whimsy nostalgia and cozy comfort—in tandem with its neutral palettes and natural materials are aspects we can see lingering around in the design world for a long while.

Conversation Pits

Conversation pits rose to fame in the ‘70s but have since made a comeback thanks to the internet. The trending hashtag is replete with sofas sunken into living rooms, set in retro color schemes like orange and green. However, more modern takes with earth tones or neutral palettes have also started popping up.

Their rising popularity can be attributed to popular media like "Glass Onion—A Knives Out Mystery" and "Daisy Jones & the Six", which tout groovy, maximalist interiors. As more and more people veer away from living rooms centered around a TV today, we are all for a resurgence of this fun, cozy trend.

Curvy Furniture

In an attempt to offset the bleakness and rigidity of the pandemic, many people were drawn to designs that felt playful and unique. Curvy furniture is one such example that the internet quickly fell in love with. Thanks to young designers like Sophie Collé and Gustaf Westman, wavy mirrors and blob-shaped tables added smile-inducing accessories to interiors.

The wavy Ultrafragola light-up mirror seen in the likes of Ashley Tisdale’s home also went viral—honing in on the trend. While nontraditional shapes may not be everyone’s cup of tea, a unique silhouette when it comes to smaller furnishings always helps add dimension and interest to a space.

Grandmillenial Style

Grandmillenial style turned what was once considered old-fashioned and stuffy into a modern appreciation. Similar to cottagecore style, the designs embrace traditional patterns like gingham and florals—while also throwing in lots of ruffles, fringe, embroidered linens, and vintage furniture.

In other words? Four walls covered in floral wallpaper gets a yes. The style’s duality of elegance and lived-in hits all the right notes in our book.

Dopamine Decor

Dopamine decor was created as people sought a happy escape through vibrant colors, eclectic prints, and mix-matched furnishings. Often, this came in the form of maximalist trinkets like mushroom motifs, uniquely-shaped candles, and disco balls.

Pastel hues are also embraced in dopamine decor, whether through artwork or playful pillows. As the name goes, the point of this style is to spark joy, and it certainly has. The style—especially its embrace of color—continues to permeate interiors by formal designers and at-home amateurs alike.

Accent Walls

Popular home TikTokers like Taylor Beepbop and Emily Shaw share DIY projects in their home with millions of followers—and a common theme they use to spruce up spaces is accent walls. While accent walls aren’t necessarily a “trend”—as they’ve been around since the start of interior design—they got a fun DIY upgrade through TikTok.

Sprawling murals of snakes, layered woods, and checkered designs coat these creators’ homes, and followers were entranced. It made it clear that creating your own accent wall can be an easy way to personalize your space and make it feel special. Plus, there are so many non-maximalist options for this trend—a simple swath of paint is all you need to make a wall stand out.

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