‘We don't live in a country where things are equivalent’

Were Trez's comments about Luka overblown? | Dunk Bait

Video Transcript

LAJETHRO JENKINS: So Montrezl yelled something at Luka that some people found offensive. He apologized about it before the game. But was it a big deal in the first place? or was it overblown? It seems like people were reaching.

ZACH SCHWARTZ: It bother me. It's like, I've hooped. I've had that happen. I'm sure Luka-- like, Luka Doncic has played in insane leagues in Europe and heard, I'm sure, all sorts of crazy sort of things. It just sort of like, who cares?

JOSIAH JOHNSON: When he said it, I'm looking like, Trez, who you talking to? Cause I know you're not talking to Luka. That's what I was more offended by. You better put some respect on Luka--

LAJETHRO JENKINS: Luka got all the Clippers scared. That's he's talking to Luka. That's the sign of respect, if we're being 100.

JOSIAH JOHNSON: But as everybody has pointed out on the internet, you can't really compare them. Everybody's like, oh, what if a white person said whatever? It's like, well, we don't live in a country where things are equivalent. So we can't really flip it and go apples to apples with that thing.

LAJETHRO JENKINS: I mean, "white boy" has never signified anything other than a white boy. It's descriptive, you know what I'm saying? It's not used pejoratively like "black boy" is. "Black boy" is used, you know what I'm saying, when you don't want to use the N-word, you feel me? When there's different power dynamics, there's different rules, you know? I mean, and that's why we need to fight for equality, you know what I'm saying?

So I think, you know, it kind of highlights what the NBA is trying to do. Because if you call somebody a white boy, it means they're just a white boy. That white boy can shoot. That white boy got some bunnies, you know what I'm saying? Luka definitely doesn't care about that. Most people don't, especially if you've played basketball before.