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You deserve a dorm room with a cool breeze. (Source: iStock)
You deserve a dorm room with a cool breeze. (Source: iStock)

When you head off to college, you’re told to keep your dorm room tidy, organized, and personal — but no one tells you how stuffy that little room can get. Unless your dorm has pristine ventilation, it’s almost essential to have a large and stable fan to keep you comfortable.

Amazon shoppers highly recommend this tower fan saying The sleep mode especially has been life changing. and The quiet feature is very soothing and relaxing at night. Check out this Prime Early Access Deal and give yourself the dorm room upgrade everyone else on your floor will wish they had.

The coolest dorm has the coolest fan features

Tower fan
Stay cool and refreshed no matter the season with this oscillating fan. (Source: Amazon)

$50.99 $89.99 at Amazon

This Tower Fan has an oscillating, bladeless design that is certain to improve the airflow in your dorm room. It includes a large, LED display that tracks the fan's speed, timer settings, and room temperature. The fan has three modes you can select: normal, natural, and sleep. From a soft to a strong breeze, you can personalize your comfort at the touch of a button on the panel or the remote.

College is a great time to make friends, and there’s really no better way to make friends at the beginning of the school year than by having the "coolest" dorm room. Suddenly, your room is the place everyone wants to be, for better or for worse. It’s up to you if you want to invite everyone in and share the refreshing breeze of this fan, or lock the door and keep it to yourself. Even if you’re not in a dorm this year, this fan will keep you cool almost anywhere.

Don’t just take our word for it. Check out this five-star review: "The reason why I bought this portable fan is that it helps save space and it’s easy to carry and store. This fan has three modes and three speeds, so you can choose the one by easily touching the buttons on the panel or using its remote. Also, no need to worry about the noise. It’s so quiet and has wide rotating angle. The most important thing is child safety. Love the bladeless design and narrow fence!“

There’s never been a better time to invest in a high-quality fan to combat the heat. Get this early Prime deal right now at over 40% off.

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