Don’t Believe Everything You Hear During the Full Moon in Libra

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From Cosmopolitan

Libra is all about being clear and able to recognize what’s before you, and on March 28, the Moon is going to oppose the Sun in Aries, forming a Full Moon in Libra.

FYI: Fire sign Aries is a reasonable element for the Sun to be in—duh, the Sun is hawt. Whenever the Sun is in Aries, it’s important to take the season into consideration. Spring often comes with a burst of sudden energy. Cue: the Libra Full Moon at 2:47 p.m. ET on March 28. Early in the day, the Moon and Sun will make an exact opposition at 8 degrees—go check out that numerology, babe. At this moment, the Sun is exposing gaslighting, which is pretty funny to think about because Libra is an air sign and the Moon rules over emotions.

The message of this Full Moon: DON’T LET PRETTY WORDS FOOL YOU. Some people choose passive aggression, and that’s their form of violence. Trust your instincts.


If you love someone, you should let go. This doesn’t necessarily have to be a breakup of a romantic relationship. Instead, you might be releasing your own feelings. Feelings don’t require you to have evidence or to act. If you’re going to remain stuck in your ego, then you might end up walking away from an emotional connection.


Obviously, things work better when you work on them. That usually means getting up, assessing the situation or person, and developing a balanced and fair plan to move forward. You might not be keen on everything going on around you, and you don’t have to be. Trust your intuition, because your instincts might betray you. When you know what to do, you’ll be able to tap into the full power of the Libra Full Moon.


You feeling a little raunchy, babe? The Full Moon is giving you plenty of reason to create. On that note, emotionally charged hookups might lead to a certain type of demise—aka use protection! If you’re trying to avoid a f*ckboi, consider putting their cell phone number on silent. It won’t stop you from texting back, but it might give you the glitch necessary to identify your reason for texting them back.


Spring cleaning and decorating is exactly what you need to manifest the life you want. Start with the cleaning and take Marie Kondo’s advice into consideration. Identify what sparks joy and what is not being mutually served. Sometimes we grow and forget to trim our branches. Learning to let go can help you move forward.


There’s no more holding your tongue, babe—your real feelings are about to pour out of your mouth. You might start feeling a little “we found love in a hopeless place-y,” which isn’t the worst possible thing…Mercury is still in Pisces, so try to stay above the influence as opposed to under the influence. This can be an empowering Moon transit for you—just try not to pop off on anyone.


You can’t take it all with you, so you’re going to have to learn how to give a little. Similar to a tree, you’re in a constant state of growth. This Full Moon is challenging you to let go of what no longer reflects your values. You may feel hesitant because of a lack of answers, but some issues don’t need to be hashed out. Make room for more of what you need.


You’ve started off with a crew that makes your heart sing. Love that for you. Good job—self-prioritization means being mindful of the company you keep. That being said, now it’s time for you to be mindful of others. The Full Moon is going to strike at your core, and that may call for a detox. You don’t have to order any fancy juices or charcoal face masks—this is a mental and emotional detox.


You’re a lot smarter than you recognize, so give yourself a pat on the back. People might try to play you like Boo Boo the Fool, but you don’t have to be. Whether or not the people consider you to be foolish, naive, or a genius does not matter. Focus on leaning toward faith and recognizing that you do not need to prove yourself to anyone. This Full Moon can increase your inner wisdom and provide relief.

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Either you shoot for your goals or they will become figments of your imagination. There’s nothing wrong with letting go of possibilities and recognizing that not all potential needs to be explored. Acceptance of that can be difficult, especially because you can be sensitive to FOMO. Try not to think too far into the future, and base your goals on the foundation you presently have.


You’ve been working your 🍑 off—I bet the universe loves that for you. This Full Moon is supporting your career goals; it understands that your image is important to you. Confidence in your work and the reputation you have built will be key during and after this Full Moon.


If you plan on going live on Clubhouse or hosting a Zoom party, make sure you think before you speak. If you’ve spent enough time being aware of your surroundings, then you’ll have no issues digesting the lessons from the Libra Moon. If you’ve been in denial, then you could get schooled instead.


Have you ever had someone tell you something, then your response be like, “Duh”? Well, Captain Obvious is about to rear its head. Coming to difficult truths is not always easy, even if you feel foolish for not having originally recognized them. Focus on what’s being presented to you and don’t worry too much about what’s out of your control.

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