Donovan wants White to continue to 'be aggressive'

Ryan Knaus discusses Coby White's offensive growth, encouragement from coach Billy Donovan, and the defensive woes for the Bulls' guard.

Video Transcript

Coby White had two steals in the Bulls season opener, then proceeded to play nine straight games and a span of 315 minutes without picking up another steal. The good news is that he also handed out a h high 13 assists in that recent outing and he's showing growth in most areas of his game.

The defensive stats, though, are just brutal. You don't expect your guards to get blocks anyway. But his vanishingly few steals are a huge drag in category leagues. In fact, among qualifying players, White has the fourth lowest steals rate behind only Kyle Kuzma, Doug McDermott, and Bismack Biyombo.

Steals aside, however, White is coming off a 36-point game with zero turnovers. He's grabbing 5.2 boards per game from the guard spot, averaging 17.3 points and over two and a half triples per game. And he has the full confidence of coach Billy Donovan, who said recently, "Coby has been great playing off the ball. He's always had a mentality of looking to score and be aggressive. I want him to be aggressive and he has every opportunity to do that," end quote.