Donny Pelletier Raising Money For "Mainahs Effected By The Floodin'"

Donny Pelletier, aka Maine's finest athlete, aka Troy Murphy, aka last year's winner of the Pain McShlonkey at Palisades Tahoe, has something new up his flannel sleeve.

The pro-skier-gone-comedian announced that he is joining the efforts of the community with his own special project to help Mainers who have suffered from the extreme floods in recent months.

The video starts off with a bang, as Donny uses some classic Maine slang to explain "I'm friggin' down cellar," (or, as the rest of you people would say, in the basement).

"Unless you're living under a rock, you probably found out that Maine got a little stoved up in the past few months with some wicked weather."

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"We're a rugged bunch. Ain't going to be no big deal."

With that being said, help never hurts. Donny is helping Mainers "bounce back quicker than ever, but in the meantime we're going to be sellin' some stuff."

"Grab uh limited edition hoodie or shirt bub. all profits help Mainahs effected by the floodin. it’s been uh doosey of uh wintah, here’s the chance to get uh wicked shahp lookin layah from @320ink for uh good cause. shop closes 2/11 at midnight so you’d bettah motivate."

Side note: 320 Ink is a veteran owned, professional screen printing company in Southern Maine, so you're double supporting people who matter with this one!

For all you non-Mainers out there, let me translate: grab a limited edition hoodie or shirt from 320 Ink, and all profits go to a good cause (Mainers affected by the floods). This ends in a week!

What it sounds like to everyone else in the U.S., "blueberries, lobsters, sub-zero temps, biking, Mt. Katahdin."

The profits from "these friggin' mint shirts right here for sale" will be split between organizations across the state.

The first is the business relief fund. They will be giving out financial assistance to small businesses around the state "that got affected by the flooding and the weather. And get them back and going and working."

The other one is the "friggin' Bethel Rotary. That one's in my hometown, so close to home, helping folks out who lost their homes, their car, their trucks, other essential friggin' equipment."

Mainers are known to be humble, hardworking, and outdoorsy, so this type of flooding is devastating for people living in a state where one of the primary motivations to live there is the outdoors.

They're also pretty good skiers, ahem.

Watch what Warren Miller skiers have to say about the infamous Mainer. 

Donny is a classic guy doing some great things for Maine. We claim him through and through.

And now, you can too, while helping out a good cause.

Friggin' right bub!

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