Donny Osmond Details How He Bonds With His 14 Grandchildren Out in Nature

While it might be surprising to some, Donny Osmond is apparently developing a green thumb, and this skill of gardening helps him bond with his many grandchildren.

“I have a garden. It’s my oasis. I call it a secret garden," revealed Osmond to People in a recent interview, talking about his home in Utah. "I’ve got a little vineyard. I grow grapes. I have an orchard."

He shared that his garden is filled with fruit trees, as he plants one each time he gets a new grandchild. There are currently 14 trees.

While the simple creation of the orchard is a meaningful tribute to his grandchildren, Osmond shared that the kids also help him care for it, which likely strengthens their relationships with one another.

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Osmond explained, "[The trees] are almost ready to be picked. So it’s fun to have [my grandkids] walk out to the orchard with me to their tree and pick their fruit that their grandpa grew for them."

On top of the orchard, he also grows a variety of raspberries, telling the publication, “All my life I’ve wanted to do this." While he admitted that he doesn't "have the greatest green thumb,” Osmond proudly stated that he's "learning.”

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The performer, who first gained fame as a teen idol, shared that recently, he added a new feature to their Utah home to make it more welcoming: "In the last five years, I built waterfalls around the fire pit where Debbie and I can surround ourselves with our grandkids and make s’mores as the sunset is going down."

Osmond has been married to his wife, Debra Glen, since 1978, and together they have five sons, Donald Jr., 44; Jeremy, 42; Brandon, 38; Christopher, 32; and Joshua, 25.

The couple first became grandparents in 2005, when their son Jeremy welcomed his own son, Dylan, with wife Melisa. All five of their sons have had children of their own now, and out of the 14 grandkids, only one is a girl.

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