Who Is Donna Kelce? Read All About Travis and Jason Kelce's Superstar Mom

who is donna kecle what to know about travis and jason kelces mom
Who Is Donna Kelce? Cooper Neill - Getty Images
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Football fan or not, there's no shot that you've been able to escape the constant news cycle surrounding the NFL's most famous family: The Kelces!

As far as the Kelce brothers go, Travis currently plays for the Kansas City Chiefs (who are playing in the Super Bowl this year!), and Jason just wrapped up his season with the Philadelphia Eagles. However, there's another star in the family who has seemingly won over the hearts of millions, and it's their mom, Donna!

Donna Kelce has become an NFL superstar herself. She can always be spotted attending one of her son's games, cheering them on in the stands—just like another proud football mom we know (ahem, Ree Drummond!). She even had an adorable moment in 2023 when both of her son's teams ended up making it to Super Bowl LVII. Everyone audibly let out an instant "awww!" when Donna made her way to the field to give Travis and Jason each a Tupperware of her special homemade cookies.

Throughout 2023 alone, Donna has become a major focus on the big-screen when her sons are playing. And since Travis will be heading to the Super Bowl, we can count on spotting her in the stands again! In honor of that, we thought we'd highlight the champion mom, and give her a much-deserved highlight.

Read on and learn about Donna Kelce, and the journey she and her family have taken to get to where they are today.

What does Donna Kelce do for a living?

Aside from being a proud football mom, Donna used to be a professional banker and worked in the industry for quite some time! She earned her MBA from Baldwin Wallace University (after previously earning a communications degree from Ohio University in 1974). From there, she went on to learn the ins-and-outs of the banking world. She's had many leadership roles at various banks (according to her LinkedIn page), but she retired in 2021.

donna kelce cheering
David Eulitt - Getty Images

Is Donna Kelce married?

Donna was married to Ed Kelce (the father of both Travis and Jason) for around 25 years before they decided to divorce. However, the two remain completely amicable, and Donna has confirmed on New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce that the two are still "friends today!"

She also went on to say that while that her and Ed grew apart, they worked together like a "tag team" when raising their two boys together.

“It was perfect. You got to do whatever sports you wanted. You got to go on all the tournaments. You got to everything and it worked out,” she went on.

Does Donna Kelce have grandchildren?

Yes! In 2019, Donna became a grandma when her son Jason and his wife, Kylie, brought their daughter Wyatt to the world. Since then, Jason and Kylie have welcomed two more daughters: Elliotte and Bennett!

You can already assume that Donna has taken her new role as grandma very seriously (and lovingly). Just take one look at her Instagram, and you can find photos and videos of her grandchildren sprinkled in there!

Are both of Donna Kelce's sons Super Bowl winners?

That's right! Travis won his first Super Bowl in 2020 when his team (still the Kansas City Chiefs) defeated the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl LIV, winning 31–20. He went on to win his second Super Bowl with the Chiefs in 2023, facing the Philadelphia Eagles (Jason's team at the time) in Super Bowl LVII, winning 38–35. But that's not all! Jason won a Super Bowl back in 2018 when he and the Eagles took on the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LII, defeating them with an end score of 41–33.

donna kelce sons
Christian Petersen - Getty Images

When on the New Heights podcast, Donna let listeners know that she couldn't choose one team to root for when the two brothers played each other in Super Bowl LVII. Instead, she let them know how excited she was going to be!

"I’m going to be screaming the entire game, whoever has the ball," Donna said. "I want it to be the highest scoring game, Super Bowl, ever, in the history of Super Bowls."

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