Donated Surfboards Arrive by Sea for Maui Wildfire Survivors (Clip)

For surfers, catching waves isn't just fun–it serves as stress relief too. And that's something we know Maui wildfire survivors need right now.

But thousands of Maui residents lost everything to the fires, including their surfboards.

The Hawaii community at large has organized board donations, and in the clip below, we see another stack of gifted boards making people super stoked.

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Lahaina Fire Updates posted the clip above, captioning it:

"Many Lahaina residents lost all their belongings as well as their biggest past time, surfing. 🌊 Bethany Hamilton, Zane Schweitzer, and Luke Adolfson organized a donation to give surfboards to those who lost surfboards. 💙"

This latest board delivery by sea follows last week's statewide board donations spearheaded by Jud Lau Surfboards and Board 4 Buddies.

Viewers loved the clip and commented:

"As a surfer I feel this 🥺 may these boards bring some temporary relief for those living in the deepest, darkest waters"

"be it a small gesture a recreational activity can take your mind of the bad for a bit"

"This is more than just a board it’s a way to help them heal. Being in the water is spiritual!"

"Why did this make me cry more than anything else I’ve seen about the Hawaii tragedy 💚open hearts"

"That just gave me goose bumps. So amazing it’s those things that people need"

"Hawaiian style. Therapy has always been in the ocean."

"surfing can be big healing therapy. so stoked to see these boards make it to their new home 💛"


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