Donald Trump Weighed In on the Royal Family Feud & It’s Just as Messy as You Would Expect

Since everyone is talking about the royal family during coronation week, Donald Trump decided that his opinions should be heard, too. The former president thought it was the perfect time to criticize Prince Harry and Meghan Markle for causing the family feud and bringing great dishonor to the palace.

Donald Trump shared his opinions in a sit-down interview with GB News where he launched into a typical Trump tirade and poor Meghan was on the receiving end. “I think she [Meghan] has been very disrespectful to the Queen,” he said. “How can you be so disrespectful to the Queen? She was incredible, for decades and decades she never made a mistake. I cannot think of a mistake she made; she was never controversial. You cannot be disrespectful to her, and I think Meghan was very disrespectful to her, very disrespectful.” The Duchess of Sussex probably won’t lose any sleep about this since his GOP politics likely don’t align with her beliefs.

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Of course, Prince Harry didn’t escape the wrath of the former president either when it came to King Charles III’s coronation. If Donald Trump was the king, he wouldn’t have invited the Duke of Sussex to the ceremony. “I think it’s going to be a great day; I think they will do a great job and he [Charles] loves the country. I got to know him [Charles] quite well and he loves the country, really loves the country and he loved his mother,” he ranted. “That’s why I thought she was treated so disrespectfully by Meghan and [there was] just no reason to do that. I was actually surprised that Harry was invited, to be honest.”

It almost feels like Donald Trump was trying to weasel his way into a coronation invite because he’s also annoyed that President Joe Biden isn’t attending — his wife First Lady Dr. Jill Biden is representing the U.S. “That man is incompetent, and it’s a shame,” Donald Trump continued on in his messy interview. “He can’t even come to your Coronation as a country, and your Coronation’s a big event.” Historically, a U.S. president has never attended a coronation, but Donald Trump doesn’t want to hear the facts in this case, he only wants to be a part of the headlines.

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