Donald Trump Lawyer Alina Habba Warns Ron DeSantis Not To Run Against Him

An attorney for Donald Trump appeared to warn Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis against opposing the former president in the 2024 presidential election. (Watch the video below.)

“DeSantis is DeSantis because of Trump,” Alina Habba said on the Right Side Broadcasting Network during a Trump rally in Vandalia, Ohio, Monday. “I like what DeSantis is doing in Florida, but he needs to stay in Florida.”

Interviewer Christina Bobb, also a lawyer for Trump, chimed in “100%.”

“Just stay where you are. You’re doing a great job in Florida,” Habba continued.

Both agreed that DeSantis would fare better in 2028. “Don’t jump the gun,” Bobb advised.

“He’s not ready yet,” Habba added.

The relationship between Trump and DeSantis has reportedly soured as the Florida governor has positioned himself as a possible GOP rival for president. On Saturday, Trump called him “Ron DeSanctimonious” at a Pennsylvania rally.

Some conservatives accused the former president of sowing dissension in the GOP’s own ranks. But on Sunday, Trump briefly asked Floridians to reelect DeSantis, who’s heavily favored against Democratic challenger Charlie Crist on Tuesday. DeSantis was not invited to the Miami rally.

Neither Trump nor DeSantis has publicly announced their intentions for 2024, although Trump said he would make a “big announcement” next week.

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This article originally appeared on HuffPost and has been updated.