I don’t travel without this power bank — and it’s $1 shy of its all-time-low price

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Henry T. Casey/CNN Underscored
Henry T. Casey/CNN Underscored

I’ve got a couple of weeks before my next trip out of town, and I already have my favorite portable charger packed. Anker’s Nano Power Bank, which features a built-in USB-C cable, is a must for me when I’m on the go — and it’s about a dollar away from its record-low price right now. Thus is the power of Amazon’s latest deals event, the Big Spring Sale.

Anker Nano Power Bank With Built-In USB-C


Whether I’m getting ready for an upcoming trip or just going out for an evening, I always pack Anker’s Nano Power Bank with USB-C. Remember to check off the 20% coupon on the Shell White version for maximum savings.

From $33 at Amazon

Why is this portable charger my personal favorite? After testing gadgets and electronics for nearly a decade, this power bank made me practically say “duh, finally!” when I started using it. Not only does its built-in USB-C cable make it perfect for my phone (as well as all modern Android phones and the entire iPhone 15 lineup) but the cable loops in so neatly that it’s easy to drape the cord around your fingers while still holding your phone.

It’s not just conveniently designed either. This Nano Power Bank sports a 10,000mAh battery capacity so it can refuel my iPhone 15 Pro Max more than twice, as the reputable GSMArena lists that phone as packing a 4,441mAh battery. (Apple doesn’t publicize that detail.) Plus, I could also charge someone else’s gear if I need to, as the Nano Power Bank also features a rectangular USB-A port. Lastly, you’ll always know how much of a charge it packs, as a small display shows its current status as a percentage amount when you click its little button.

I might not be the only person staying at my Airbnb with one of these powerhouses either. I’ve already recommended this charging brick to a friend who is on the verge of upgrading to an iPhone 15. This is easily one of my favorite recent tech deals — and you’ll find many more in our coverage of the Amazon Big Spring Sale.

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