Don’t tell me you’re still eating cereal with a spoon — not when the Crunch Cup exists

As cereal is one of my favorite foods, the Cereal Crunch Cup should, logically, be one of my favorite gadgets.

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The Cup itself is simple — founded on the idea that people should be able to consume non-soggy cereal on the go. Cereal goes into the inner tube, and milk goes into the body of the cup. When you tilt the cup to drink it, you get perfectly crunchy cereal and perfectly proportioned milk.

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But a lot of people on TikTok seem to doubt the legitimacy and performance of the Cereal Crunch Cup — saying things like “There’s no way this works smoothly.”

Every day I am on a mission to prove TikTok users wrong, so I’m going to put the Cereal Crunch Cup through a series of intense, well-thought-out tasks to see if it really does hold up.

How we’ll test the efficiency of the Crunch Cup

Each successfully completed task will earn one point, meaning we’ll score the Crunch Cup overall out of three.

  1. One-handed test: While carrying an egregious amount of bags in the crooks of my elbows and books with one hand, can I still consume cereal?

  2. Running test: While jogging up a flight of stairs, can I still consume cereal?

  3. Upside-down test: While lying upside down on my couch, can I still consume cereal?

Results: How efficient is the Crunch Cup?

One-handed test: Here, I had absolutely no problem eating my breakfast while carrying a ton of random items from around my apartment. Couldn’t do that with a bowl and spoon, that’s for sure! One point.

Running test: Apart from my personal inability to multitask, especially during physical activity, I did manage to eat cereal while quietly running up some stairs in my apartment building. None of my neighbors came out to see what I was doing, and I didn’t spill any milk. One point.

Upside-down test: Do you know what gravity is? It took me multiple tries to gather the courage to fully flip the Crunch Cup upside down and into my mouth. My nose was right there; I could’ve gotten milk in my brain! Instead, it went all over my carpet. Zero points.

Final grade: 2/3

Not bad! I feel like the best audience for this gadget is parents and their kids, but I don’t discriminate against an adult chugging one on their morning commute. One day I hope to see one of these out in the wild, on a subway, and I’ll smile knowing that I tried to defy gravity and eat cereal upside down — all for this random stranger.

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