Don’t Die Wondering’s Secret Mission MacGyver-Style

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You may not know about it, but there is a secret society of social media influencers operating behind the scenes at big splashy parties attended by Hollywood’s elite. Organizing the social media coverage for these subvert soirees is one company: Don’t Die Wondering (DDW).

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DDW whose founder, Antoin Commane, expertly guides its high-end clients in the finer details of rubbing shoulders in the fashion, music, and art cool scenes of New York and London. His society adventures can easily be compared to those of MacGyver, the revered television action hero who always managed to get out of sticky situations by cleverly manipulating innocuous items like a stick of gum, a match and a soda can.

While Commane isn’t escaping from exploding buildings like MacGyver, there are similarities in the way both men use their resourcefulness to find solutions: MacGyver with the lint in his pocket; Commane by elevating social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter and TikTok.

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Viewers were drawn to MacGyver because of his ingenuity. DDW is able to bring its flair to each fashion show, magazine party, bar opening, art gallery gathering, red carpet film premiere and public relations launch. By providing intel and access by invitation only to these exclusive events, DDW creates an aura of mystery and an undeniable demand that celebrities, socialites and sports stars simply can’t ignore.

You see, the wealthy and the famous often build their personal brands by being photographed in public and featured on social media.

“Social media users now more than ever want to feel connected to the companies they support,” said Commane. “They don’t want nameless ad promotions; they want to feel like they know the people behind the brand name.”

So, in order to attract the attention of social media influencers and indirectly promote their brands, rich businesspeople, celebrity entrepreneurs and sports spokespersons need to attend the right parties and events.

That’s where the DDW magazine comes in. The magazine brings these top 1 percent of VIPs together in the same space by invitation only. Those provided access to DDW is an exclusive group of influencers and wealthy trendsetters hand-picked by a membership committee.

The wildly successful DDW magazine produces millions of dollars in revenue for its clients and their businesses through expert administration of social media ads and other online advertising tools.

“We’re not afraid to learn through trial and error by trying out different ideas and seeing which headlines, photos and graphics grab the attention of readers,” he said. “Social media platforms are constantly changing and evolving with exciting new features.”

Just like his clients, Commane is the face of his brand, making the hospitality entrepreneur and full-time style influencer an icon in social media circles. He has more than 200,000 Instagram followers and they all love to learn about the latest and greatest products through his account. Just like MacGyver, Commane and DDW pulls off the win. Follow him on Instagram @antoin and visit the DDW website at