Dolphins, 49ers, Eagles make blockbuster deals

Yahoo Sports' Eric Edholm breaks down the draft implications of these two trades.

Video Transcript

ERIC EDHOLM: Well, folks, we are officially in draft season now. Yes, we're still about a month away from the first selection in the 2021 NFL draft, but the trade that just went down on Friday between the San Francisco 49ers, moving up from number 12 all the way to number three, with the Miami Dolphins, has huge ramifications on the landscape of this draft class. And you would assume moving up that high and giving up so much, they are targeting a quarterback, one of the top five guys. We certainly know Trevor Lawrence is first. The other four guys would all be in play there, depending on what happens at number two with the Jets. Heck, even the San Francisco 49ers might be willing to convince the Jets to slide down a spot to get their guy. We don't know that yet.

We also know the Miami Dolphins have moved back up from 12 to six in a separate trade with the Eagles. But let's focus mostly on the 49ers right now and what this says about the future of their quarterback position. We certainly know Jimmy Garoppolo, even though he was in a Super Bowl two years ago, last season, frustrating, didn't meet expectations. He's had some injury issues as well. This is the kind of thing where you easily could see a quarterback either come in and be a-- be an understudy to Garoppolo, or perhaps replace him right away.

The question becomes, who is it? Zach Wilson of BYU, Justin Fields at Ohio State, or perhaps Trey Lance at North Dakota State. We could also see Mac Jones being somebody whom Kyle Shanahan could really have an affinity for. But it seems to me that either Wilson or Lance could be the perfect fit in that play action, bootleg, rollout style offense, really get those athletic throwers on the move. This could be a fascinating development for the 49ers. They get a lot of players back on defense. They have some weapons on offense. Now who will the starting quarterback be? We'll have to wait and see.