Dolores Catania and Margaret Josephs tease dramatic 'RHONJ' Season 12: 'This isn't just some girl drama'

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Despite a tense upcoming season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, costars Dolores Catania and Margaret Josephs have never been closer.

The two longtime stars of RHONJ appeared on the latest episode of In The Know’s weekly pop-culture interview series We Should Talk to discuss Season 12 — which premieres on Tuesday, Feb. 1 — and opened up about the drama involving Jennifer Aydin, Teresa Giudice and her fiancé Luis Ruelas and more.

“It’s a lot of visceral emotion [this season], and it blows up. It’s not just one fight. We all have our moments, and I’m going to see difference in opinion [among viewers]. People that watch it in groups are going to pick sides. They’re going to agree with each and every one of us [individually], because we have such a difference in opinion on everything,” Catania told In The Know about Season 12.

“This season is very emotional, very deep. People are going to really relate to it. It’s gonna have people look at their own relationships and what they would do and really see things in a different light,” Josephs added. “It’s explosive, it’s emotional… everybody runs the gamut of emotion! It’s such a rollercoaster ride. It really is.”

Listen to Real Housewives of New Jersey stars Margaret Josephs and Dolores Catania’s full episode of We Should Talk here, and keep reading for highlights from the interview:

On Margaret Josephs’ feud with Teresa Giudice this season:

Margaret Josephs: “Listen, there’s a man involved! This isn’t just some girl drama. This is man drama. I want Teresa to be very happy, regardless of what she thinks. I truly wanted her to be happy, but when there’s a red flag, when there’s something out there, I like to address things head-on. I think most people should, being in the public eye, address things head-on and not pretend it’s not happening. Some people don’t feel that way — Teresa being one of them — and I think she thinks I’m coming from a different place. Maybe she’s used to people coming from a different place, [but] I’m not that. At the end of the day, we don’t see eye-to-eye on certain things. She got very upset, and then I got very upset with her. It just unraveled. I don’t hold a grudge. I can be very, very forgiving and make up with someone, and I hope she can see a way past this. We’ll see what happens.”

Dolores Catania: “I’m looking from where she’s come from — Teresa — and she’s very in love with him. I can understand wanting to say, ‘Alright, well, that doesn’t bother me.’ Maybe it would’ve never bothered her. Maybe what would bother Margaret wouldn’t bother her or whatever. I understand it, you know? A relationship is between two people. You’ll never really know the true dynamics of what’s going on. We, as outsiders, can look at it and say, ‘Oh, it looks good’ or ‘It looks bad,’ but behind closed doors, who really knows? I do think she’s very, very happy with him. I don’t think she gives two craps about anything in the past, and, I mean, that’s good for her. If that works for her, then it works for her, and I’m happy for them.”

Margaret Josephs on sharing a big secret about Jennifer Aydin’s marriage this season: “I’ve known for a long time. I’d mentioned it before. I’ve never really come out with it. I’m not one to deal well with hypocrisy, and that’s really what it was. We left off on terms very poorly last season, and the way she had felt about me, and the way she’s chastised me over the years for my behavior and has put Bill on such a pedestal (who I adore, by the way, and I’m not judging him whatsoever because life is very complicated). I just want to make that very clear. It was more her reaction towards me and the chastising of me. I couldn’t take the hypocrisy any longer. It could’ve totally [gone] a different way if she’d come back and was very apologetic.”

Dolores Catania on her fight with Jackie Goldschneider that’s teased in the trailer: “On the heels of the conversation we just had [about Margaret’s fight with Jennifer] without giving anything up, […] that’s where the fight comes from. That was hypocritical for me. That was anger that came out of where I was coming from. I was mad! The funny thing is, of all times for me to wear the flattest sneakers. I came up to everyone’s chest line that day! I had on a pair of Louis Vuitton sneakers — I just got them, high tops — it was a bar, and I was like, ‘I’m going to wear my sneakers today.’ I was looking up [during the fight]. [Laughs] I never wear flats, by the way.”

Dolores Catania on where she stands in her love life right now: “I’m very happy. […] I understand [the interest in my love life], but I can only just say I’m very happy.”

Watch our full interview with Margaret Josephs and Dolores Catania below and tune in to The Real Housewives of New Jersey‘s Season 12 premiere on Tuesday, Feb. 1 on Bravo:

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