Dolly Parton Turned Down an Invitation to Tea with Kate Middleton

Dolly Parton Turned Down an Invitation to Tea with Kate Middleton

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Country music superstar Dolly Parton is currently in the UK to promote her new album, Rockstar. While there, she was invited to tea with Kate Middleton—but couldn't go.

"This time, Lordy, I even got invited to have tea with Kate," Parton told Claudia Winkleman on BBC Radio 2. "And I felt so bad… I couldn’t even go! They had all this stuff set up." She continued, "I thought it was very sweet and nice of her to invite me and one of these days I’m going to get to do that—that would be great."

She joked that the Princess of Wales "wasn’t going to promote my rock album so I had to say no."

Tea with Kate wouldn't have been Parton's first time meeting a member of the royal family. In 1997, she performed during Queen Elizabeth's Silver Jubilee. "When they told me on the plane I was appearing in front of the queen, I just jumped up and down telling everyone," she recalled to Time. "It's just one of the biggest thrills of my life. When I was a little girl I grew up in a world of kings and queens and princes and princesses in fairy tales. Now I was going to meet one."

Parton also shared, "I remember as a child being fascinated with the kings and queens and all their flamboyant clothes, people living in another world with riches and crowns and jewelry and all that. But when I actually got to meet her, she was very sweet." She added, "I was scared to death that I was not going to know how to curtsy, that I wasn't going to bend right, but she was just very warm, very sweet, and I could tell she was a very giving person. And just meeting the Queen of England, just to meet a queen, it was amazing."

Perhaps one day she'll meet the Princess of Wales!

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