Dollhouse Beautiful: Amy Zoller

Dollhouse Beautiful Amy Zoller

Video Transcript

- If I'm doing this in real life, I usually do like a CAD drawing and then play on Photoshop with the placement. Today we really just went for it based off of instinct.

- "House Beautiful" gave six California designers the same modern dollhouse and six hours to decorate it any way they wanted. A whole lot of crazy glue, DIYed accents, and miniature accessories later, this is "Dollhouse Beautiful."

AMY ZOLLER: I'm so excited to finally open this. This is the sheepskin rug that I have been waiting for for so long because I'm dying to use this in our house. I ordered two of them. This is the first.

And I could see this-- us putting this anywhere-- the bedroom, our reading nook, our hang-out den. We love sheepskins even draped over a chair. So we'll see where this is going to go.

So these are some baskets that I've really been looking forward to receiving. But, in fact, I think that they are going to end up being too large in scale for our house. So we'll see what happens when we get them into the house.

So these are some great little pendant lights that I ordered from Etsy, which is such a great resource. Originally they had strings attached to them so they could hang like pendant lights, but we actually took the strings off and we're making our own light fixture out of these. And we're going to try it in the master bedroom above the bed. So hoping this works out great.

It is very representative of what we do every single day. So I think we can all see ourselves living there and/or one of our clients looking for a Southern California beach house.

I'm really excited to show you what we've done today. Let's get started.


Let me show you guys some of the pieces we've made and some of my favorite pieces in particular.

We made our own little island and really love the extra-tall faucet.

I really love the outdoor chaise lounges. These custom-made dining-room chairs, we actually ordered in some club chairs once again that we thought were going to work perfectly. They ended up being just a little too large in scale. We sanded them down a bit, re-covered them, which is going to be pretty cool.

This is an incredible candle we sell in our shop, and Lisa made it mini sized for our house.


CAROLINE WOLF: So we decided to add these wood beam structures in. We don't quite know what to call it. I think it can be a trellis or an atrium if you added glass and make it kind of like an outdoor greenhouse situation. I love to envision training jasmine or wisteria going up and down and just really creating a beautiful shaded outdoor dining space.

So we envision this outdoor dining set to be something that looks like a white oak. And it would probably gray and patina a little bit over time, but I think that that's really beautiful when outdoor furniture looks really rustic and like it's been there for a long time.


AMY ZOLLER: I think it surprised me how much more difficult than I realized it would be to make everything we love miniature sized. So yeah, that was a surprise.

On a whole, I would say that we had really done a lot of the work prior to install today, so most of it went pretty seamlessly.

So I would say that our house is pretty much 99% custom. The only thing we really ended up using from Etsy were a couple of light fixtures that I ordered, which we also repurposed.

It's got a really good, cool, Cali, zen vibe to it. We really do imagine like a hip young couple. Perhaps they live on the east side in Los Angeles, and this is their Venice Beach house. I'm especially crazy about the office with the Calder-inspired mobile in the loft space above it.

We started this process remotely and truly really didn't come together until the end. And I think it was great to have everybody be a part of it and kind of bring their own creativity to the project.

I think truly what we really do on a daily basis was the inspiration for the house, but actually receiving items and seeing if those items work and everything was much more of a process than I imagined. So I would say start early.