Dogs Trying on Potential Halloween Costumes Are Getting Everyone In a Spooky Mood

With Halloween right around the corner parents are doing everything they can to get their children the costume of their dreams. But then again, why put in so much effort when you just know they're going to change their minds last second? LOL! That's why we prefer getting our dogs dressed up because it never comes with a headache.

One dog mom is nice enough to let her two fur babies pick our their potential Halloween costumes and it's everything. The video, which was shared to TikTok account @cedarandsprinkle on September 1, is getting us all in the spooky mood.

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O.M.G. Stop it! We can't believe how calm and relaxed her dogs were during this whole process. In fact, they were even excited about putting on the Halloween costumes. We know it's quite early and Halloween is more than a month away, but all the other pets out there have some tough competition against these two when it comes to the costume contest.

It's hard to pick which costume looked the best because each one was incredible. The wigs had us cracking up, but we think the pumpkin hat is our personal favorite. After all, dogs are our little pumpkin cuties! Which one was your favorite costume?!

As we said before, Halloween will be here before we know it. So no, it's not too early for you to start planning out the costumes, especially since Halloween parades or parties might be held even before October 31. All pet owners should keep in mind their fur baby's comfort when it comes to finding a costume. Don't force them to wear one and always use a gentle touch. Consider following sizing guides for Halloween costumes or measuring your pet prior to buying one. This will ensure a better, more comfortable fit and overall more pleasant experience for everyone.

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