Dog's Sad Reaction to Hearing Late Fur Sibling's Bark on Video Is a Tear-Jerker

Even thinking about a pet's passing can be heartbreaking for dog owners--whether or not their fur baby has crossed the rainbow bridge yet. When it's actually time, though, it's a pain unlike anything else. It makes sense, then, that animals grieve the loss of their fur siblings, too.

Every pet processes death their own way, but we openly sobbed when we saw a video of Yuki, @ceceandherpups' dog, reacting to a video of his late brother, Clover. When he heard his buddy's loud bark, he knew exactly who it was.

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Pass the tissues, please! This is both beautiful and heartbreaking to see, so we can only imagine how Cece was feeling. In another video on her account, she explains that Clover was her childhood dog, so we really feel for her. But we're positively sobbing for Yuki!

"You can literally see him processing. This is heartbreaking," wrote viewer @katieerosattii. We have no doubt that he knows whose video he's seeing! Even the late dog's bark had the precious pup running in, but seeing Yuki so transfixed on the video is everything.

As difficult as this moment was for this little family, it looks like it was healing, too. They both really miss Clover, and this gave them a chance to remember the happy times with the little dog--like when Clover would bark at an unbothered Yuki nonstop.

While dogs don't understand death and its meaning as thoroughly as a human does, experts have deduced that canines do understand death as a permanent, inactive state separate from sleep. Many even express sadness at the loss of a loved one--just like Yuki. However he interpret's his fur brother's death, we just hope he'll feel more like himself soon.

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