Dog's Reaction to Seeing His Mule Friend Is Truly Something Special

It’s the frolicking that does it for us.

TikTok user @thelovedonesbarn is blessing our timelines with a special relationship between two unlikely animals. To say we’re just a little obsessed would be the understatement of the year. And now that we know about this friendship, we’ll be tuning in every single day.

One video specifically caught our attention. This TikToker opened the backdoor to let her dog greet her bestie, but the dog’s best friend is not what we were expecting. Trust us, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by these beautiful besties.

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O.M.G. Stop it! A dog and a mule as best friends?! That’s straight out of a movie. Both animals were just radiating with so much joy. That’s a sign that they truly love each other so, SO much!

“I could watch these two frolic and play for hours!! Such a beautiful duo,” said @cherryredhed. SAME! Their happy jumps together seriously melted our hearts. You know what they say, friends who jump around together, stay together. LOL! “Was not prepared for how cute this was going to be,” commented @dwithaneye. This video should come with a cuteness warning!

@soulspiritjewelry even pointed out, “I love that she had to say good morning to you first!” Ugh, our hearts! The mule needed to see mom quickly before continuing with her bestie. The creator even responded by saying, “She is the heart of our little barn. Rescued and everything you’d expect. They are so grateful for every minute they are loved after.”

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