Dog's Love for 'Elf' Christmas Movie Is a Whole Mood

Unsplash/Baptist Standaert

“Elf” is a Christmas movie classic that is loved by millions of people. But now, Will Ferrell can rest easy knowing who really his biggest fan is: A Border Collie pup named Stout.

As Stout’s mom turns on the movie, he instantly becomes captivated by it. He started backing up to sit on the couch, but then never fully sat down. He was frozen in a half-crouch watching the movie. After a little while, he finally piled up onto the couch with his mom.

The dog liking this movie is definitely cute. It’s a great film for the holidays, and people of all ages enjoy it!

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Stout’s affinity for this movie is comparable to some people’s love for it. There are people who watch it every night during the holiday season! We bet Stout could watch it that much too and never get tired of seeing it!

Stout is adorable sitting in his red plaid hoodie watching the movie. There’s no denying that he’s a superfan; he was practically glued to the television during every scene!

This TikTok of Stout is going to remind everyone that the season for watching “Elf” is upon us. It is usually on one of those movie channels that is always playing on television during the holiday season. Luckily, Stout should be home when they are playing and he’ll be snuggled up on the couch watching every time it’s on.

It’s so heartwarming to see how much Stout loves this Christmas classic. He’s so attached to the television and won’t even look away! Now, all the pup needs is some snacks to accompany his motion picture.

We wonder what Will Ferrell would do if he saw this TikTok. He would probably send a gift basket of “Elf” related dog goodies to Stout’s house! His mom would be so excited to have the dog be recognized by the movie superstar.

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