Dog's First Glimpse of Her Very First Back Yard Is Met with Pure Joy

Ever since bringing home my rescue dog over 12 years ago, one my biggest goals in life has been to make him as happy as possible. Whether that's meant altering vacation plans to make sure he can come or enduring midnight potty breaks, there's not much I wouldn't do to know that he's comfy and content. The beautiful thing is--I know tons of pet parents who can relate!

Every dog owner I know feels the exact same way about prioritizing their pup's happiness, including new homeowner Alexis. On February 25, she posted the happiest video of her dog, Mia, visiting their brand-new home for the first time. This apartment dog was making it work with potty breaks and plenty of walks, but Alexis knew nothing would compare to a yard of her very own.

And she was right! This Pit Bull's precious reaction to her new backyard is so joy-filled and genuine that it's impossible not to smile. Take a look!

Aww! Congratulations, Alexis and Mia, on your brand new home! Although home ownership has become more and more difficult for young people to achieve, it's still possible with lots of hard work and saving up. Just take it from Alexis; she mentioned that it took many years for her to finally get the home and yard she wanted for herself and her dog. But she did it!

As one commenter said, "That backyard was worth the wait." There's more than enough space for her dog's zoomies, and she can even entertain a few friends if she wants to. Best of all, Pit Bull Mia can now go outside whenever she wants to! All she needs is a doggie door to have 24/7 access to the yard of her dreams.

Backyard Safety for Dogs

Even though Mia's backyard has plenty of exciting plants to sniff and tons of space to run and play, there are a few things Alexis should keep in mind as she lets her happy dog play. After all, this backyard belonged to someone else, and you never know what you could find!

Firstly, some common plants are actually toxic to dogs when ingested. This includes azaleas, daffodils, eucalyptus, lilies, and even the stems and stalks of the tomato plant. There are far too many plants that are toxic for dogs to list on one page, so it's always smart to do your own research.

There may be similar dangers if realtors or previous owners used pesticides or ant spray--especially recently. You'll want to know the state of the yard in detail before letting your buddy run wild, but once you're good to go, you should prepare yourself for a show just like the one Mia put on for Alexis.

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