Dog's Excitement Over Seeing Her Wheelchair Is Enough to Melt Anyone's Heart

Whether you've had a dog for a few months or for your entire life, there will always be something new to learn from them. Our furry friends are the perfect reminders to take breaks, to stretch, and to be present whenever we can, but some extraordinary pups take the term 'inspirational' to the next level.

Meet Scooty! This happy little dog has been lighting up her owner's life since she was rescued, and now she even has a little doggie brother to keep her company. She acts just like any other pup, but she needs a little extra help getting around sometimes after being hit by a car as a puppy. But don't worry! The 13-year-old diva is as happy as can be, and she gets so excited every time she sees her wheelchair. Just take a look at her precious January 25 video on TikTok:

How adorable is she? Scooty loves her canine wheelchair, to say the least, and her mom loves watching her take on the world. And who wouldn't? Those joyful zoomies could make anyone smile, just like they did for the neighbors they passed on their walk.

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Most importantly, the little dog's set of wheels allows her to lead her very best life! Every day, she gets to go for a walk with her mom and rescue dog sibling (who also survived a major injury), and she never has to worry about being left out or left behind. I wish that were the case for every disabled dog in the world!

Dogs Can Live Fulfilling Lives After a Major Injury

As both of these resilient rescue dogs prove, a big injury doesn't have to be the end of the world. Many canines can live happy, healthy lives after recovery! While Scooty uses her wheelchair and her own body to get around like a pro, her equally resilient brother has a lot to celebrate, too.

When the Cattle Dogmixed-breed dog first joined @super_scooty's family, he had broken hips and an injured back. The shelter almost had to make a horrible decision, but he was rescued just in time! A few surgeries and lots of love later, he can walk, run, and jump again like nothing ever happened. No two dogs have the same recovery story, of course, but tales like these prove that canines are often more brave and strong than we give them credit for.

Scooty and her brother may have had a rough start to life, but they're now surrounded by love, care, and tons of fun. What else could any dog ask for?

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