Dog's Excitement Over Grandma Coming to Visit Is Full of Pure Joy

She was just as happy as the pup was!

Beemer the Golden Retriever is one excited pup, and it's for the best reason--his Grandma is right outside! As she gathers her things from her car and hypes herself up to see her granddog, Beemer just can't help but get riled up himself! After all, who doesn't love a visit from grandma? 

This cute moment was shared on @beemergoldenretriever's TikTok account, and we are simply in love. Beemer even brings his toy to say hi to his favorite guest!

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Beemer is just the sweetest boy! We can practically feel the love between him and his grandma--but just imagine how much his mom was smiling behind the camera! 

"Oh this is the sweetest thing," said commenter @idakrem. Isn't it? From his happy tail to his stuffed toy, we can't get enough of this Golden's happiness.  And neither can @susansusan6167, who made the best observation about pets. She said, "I love videos with cats/dogs b/c they are incapable of faking emotions. What a sweet and warm welcome!" It couldn't have been any better!

"Puppy knows Gran never comes empty handed," said @loisklemens. Haha! Judging by the box Grandma dug out of her car, this very well may be true. Either way, it seems like Beemer is more concerned about saying hi to one of his favorite people!

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