Dog's Daily Visits to Human 'Big Sister's' House Will Give Anyone the Feels


Once you've spent enough time around dogs, it's impossible to deny just how special they are. These adorable animals, big and small, have so many incredible skills, and they can make people smile like nothing else in the world. Best of all--dogs have mastered unconditional love!

Sometimes, though, I see or hear about a dog that simply blows me away. Whether they're in tune with a human sibling's emotions or can pull off amazing physical feats, these dogs always stand out because of their deep love for someone or something. And 'Uncle' Stan is no different!

This Miniature Schnauzer makes daily visits to his human 'big sister's' house, which is half a mile away and up a massive hill. Nevertheless, he shows up consistently day after day, ready to be loved on by Lexie and her kids. It's the sweetest thing!

OMG! Stan is the cutest lil' guy, and I just can't get over it! I was absolutely expecting a Labrador or Golden Retriever to be on the other side of @lexieechols' front door, but I was pleasantly surprised. If anything, it's even more impressive that such a small, senior dog makes the trek to and from his sis's house every day.

The Miniature Schnauzer's gray mustache definitely gives him an uncle kind of vibe, too, but commenters are right that he could still use an upgrade to his look. It's not for beauty, after all--it's for the dog's safety while on walks!

"He needs a jacket and a tracker so nothing happens to him on the way," suggested @releasethenight. Great idea! A neon or reflective jacket would keep him warm and visible during his nighttime walks, and the tracker would allow everyone to keep an eye on the little dog's location. Wouldn't you want to know that your dog got to their destination safely when they're out of your sight?

Once this pup gets an upgraded outfit, he'll be all set to continue his visits as long as possible. With all of the pampering he gets from Lexie and her family--why wouldn't he?

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