Dog's Cute Reaction to Trying Broccoli Couldn't Be More Irresistible

·2 min read

It's the little crunches for us!

Eating a balanced diet with plenty of fruits and veggies isn't always the tastiest, but you'll never be able to convince Django of that. The food-loving boy is known on his TikTok account, @djangosmiles, for all kinds of taste tests, but his recent video features something more unusual for dogs: broccoli!

Yep, this big German Shepherd took to social media for a broccoli review, and it's causing smiles left and right. We suppose any vegetable will look more glamorous when being devoured so gently and with purpose. Django really tasted every bite of his snack! 

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We've never seen broccoli appreciated so much! To be honest, though, we weren't totally sure what his reaction meant at first, but then he went back for the second bite. He really kept us in suspense!

"It's the smile for me!! 🥰," @mainergirl1971 commented on the video. Right? It's a bit shocking the first time one sees Django show his teeth, but we quickly realized it was just part of his range of expressions. It looks like it helps him take small bites with his front teeth, too!

Then again, maybe @m00nchilled101 is onto something. They joked, "'“Do I have broccoli in my teeth?😬' 😂🥰," and we're still laughing! Not only is that relatable AF, but it's exactly what it looked like Django was doing, too. We suppose there's never a bad time to check your teeth after eating, though most tend to wait until after they're done eating--LOL!

Either way, we agree wholeheartedly with @nellevets, who wrote, "he's the goodest boi." He's so incredibly gentle when biting the broccoli and showing his teeth--how could he be anything less than the best boi?!