Dog's Chaotic Reaction to Meeting a New Kitten Is Beyond Adorable

Older siblings never forget the day their little brothers or sisters come home...if they're old enough to remember the occasion, that is! It's a life-changing milestone to welcome home a baby sibling, and it turns out that many fur siblings many feel the same way.

Skippy the Chiweenie dog was one happy camper when his mom brought home Pumpkin the orange kitten. Even though dogs and cats are stereotypically frenemies, these two furballs are already getting along. The new kitten was still a bit confused by Skippy's attempts to play, but the excited dog was just happy to meet him!

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These sweet animals live with @tillygthetortoise and 7 other rescue pets, but it already seems like these two animals will have a special connection. This Chihuahua mix pup can't get enough of the tiny feline!

Like commenter @katiekeke pointed out, "That kitten is shockingly well-behaved and brave, all things considered." No kidding! Pumpkin looked ready to bat at the dog when he got a bit too close, but that seems like a reasonable reaction from the baby. After all, he may never have seen a dog before!

Then again, he may have been around plenty of dogs considering his calm reaction. Pumpkin seems like a well-socialized kitten, though we're sure spending time around his high-energy dog sibling will help him get used to just about anything. This will be a great trait for this kitten to have when he's living with 9 other fur siblings!

Rescue pets and baby animals all need time to get used to their new homes, as well as everyone in them. A popular theory called the 3-3-3 rule explains that it can take up to 3 months for an animal to feel fully comfortable at home, though every animal's journey will be as unique as they are. Clearly, this orange kitty is going to be in for a lifetime of fun once he's feeling as confident and energetic as Skippy!

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