Dog's Attempt to Play with Deaf Pup at Day Care Couldn't Be Sweeter

The dog was so unbothered.

There are dozens of dogs that usually go to doggy daycare. Because of this, there is never a shortage of dogs to play with. And just as you see it at recess, dogs tend to gravitate toward their friends or potential friends. Sometimes it works out...only sometimes.

One puppy, in particular, was trying so hard to befriend one of the dogs named Stingray at daycare. Try and try he did, but the other dog, known on TikTok @doggyslaycare, was completely unbothered. At least there's a reason why this dog didn't give the puppy the time of day. Check it out!

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AWW! This is seriously SO cute. The puppy could've played with any other doggo at daycare, but was deadset on playing with Stingray. It'll happen one day, we just know it. LOL!

"Unbothered king," wrote @jessicar276. Stingray didn't even glance over in the puppy's direction. Ha! @jnicole96 wrote what was going through Stingray's mind, "Your dog looked back like, 'So you gonna tell him or....'" LMAO! He didn't want to break the news to the puppy.

"Awhh that's so sweet. I wish dogs could do sign language with their paws," wrote @.0nplqnet.bella_. Well, your wish is granted. The creator responded by saying, "They do!!! 95% of canine communication is just body language. The puppy just hasn't learned many ways to ask a dog to play." What?! That is SO cool. Another day, another amazing dog fact we didn't know!

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