Dog won’t come when called? You need this trainer’s three fun games for a reliable recall

 Woman with Dalmatian dog on woodland path
Woman with Dalmatian dog on woodland path

If you struggle to get your dog to return to your side when you call them, rest assured, you're not alone. Many of us let our dog's off leash in parks or other safe areas only to find that they end up having so much fun that they're not so keen to come back when it's time to head home.

While the best dog treats can certainly be used as a training tool to encourage your pup to come when called and reward good behavior, expert dog trainer Amelia Steele says making recall fun is often the key to success.

In a video shared to Instagram, Steele reveals three of her favorite games to play with dogs when she's trying to teach them rock solid recall - and none of them involve treats. You can check out the video below or keep reading for a summary of each game.

Game 1: "For this first game, you'll need two tug toys. Start off by getting your dog really interested in one of them and then drop it, get the other one out and call your dog's recall cue. Move backwards and forwards between the two toys and repeat their recall cue each time."

Game 2: "For the second game, throw a toy away from you to distract your dog and then shout their recall cue and start running away with another tug toy. As they catch up, give them a really good game of tug."

Game 3: "For the third game, all you're going to do is walk away from your dog. As they catch up and get in front of you, simply turn and say 'this way'. Keep repeating and you can use this any time you want your dog to come running back."

Making recall training fun is a great way to motivate your pup and encourage them to return to you when you issue their recall cue. However, if you find after working with your dog on their recall for several months that they're still not able to come when called, we recommend reaching out to a professional trainer for some 1:1 support.

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