Dog 'Vocalizing' Sadness Over Mom Leaving the House Tugs at the Heartstrings

It can be nearly impossible to leave your dog at home while you go out and about, but can you imagine what it would be like if they could talk? Well, the parents of @picklesandpeachspeak don't have to imagine! Their talented, 'talking' dogs use buttons to communicate when their parents are and aren't around, so it's easy to know what they're thinking.

Unfortunately, it's easy to know when they're unhappy, too. When their mom left the house, Dillon Pickles had something to say about it--and he broke everyone's hearts in the process!

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Poor baby! We feel so sad that this sad boy is missing his mama enough to talk about it, but we know he wasn't alone. His fur sister, Princes Peaches, was probably just off-screen, ready to comfort her brother.

Still, we can't help but feel for this sweet, lonely boy. He expressed his feelings so well with the buttons, but our hearts nearly shattered when he looked out the window for his mom. If only he knew that she'd be right back!

"Not me turning my car around straight home," wrote @MncPSws20. We'd be doing the very same! We'd never want any of our pets to be lonely, and we're sure this dog mom feels the same way. It must've broken her to see this video when she got home! Still, we'd be lying if we said we weren't impressed by this dog's speaking skills.

Talking buttons for dogs have become popular in recent months since superstars like Bunny the Sheepadoodle are going viral for their own communication talents. Almost any dog can learn to use buttons, but like any kind of dog training--it will take plenty of time and practice to master.

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