Dog trainer reveals what not to say to your family pet

If you’ve been telling your furry friend “good boy” or “good girl” when they do something you tell them to do. dog trainer Nicole Parayno has news for you. Parayno is the founder of dog-training company PupScouts Dog Training, . and she recently dropped a tip on TikTok that went viral among pet owners and non-pet owners alike. “I don’t suggest ‘good girl’ because ‘good girl’ is something that almost everybody says to their dog just because,” she says. “You come home and you’re like, ‘Awww, good girl!’ You just look at her and she exists and you say ‘good girl’”. “You have to have a word that you don’t say any other time except for when her butt hits the floor, [or] she lies down, [or] she stays,” she explains. “So the first thing that comes out of my mouth is, ‘YES!’ I need her to know that what she did in that exact moment is exactly what I wanted”. Many pet owners flooded the comments with their own praise for the strategy. “The yes command works SO GOOD!!” wrote one happy dog parent