Dog Trainer Makes Confession About the Dog Park All Pet Parents Should Hear

The consequences can be so detrimental.

A trip to the dog park can sound like every pup's dream come true, but as dog trainer and TikTok user Meg, who goes by @everydaytrainer explains, it might be doing more harm than good. In fact, she jokes that dog parks and doggie daycares singlehandedly keep her in business!

So why are these social settings so detrimental to our furry friends? The reason may be more subtle--and more common--than you think.

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Does this sound familiar at all? If it does, you're not alone! Lots of pet parents have negative experiences at dog parks or doggie daycares that completely change the way their pup acts around other dogs. Needless to say, it can be a difficult obstacle to overcome, which is why Meg sees so many new clients in this situation.

"I had a Great Dane who got mildly attacked at 6 months first time at a dog park," shared commenter @shhhhhan123. "Led to him being suuuuuuper reactive his whole life towards other dogs." We're so sorry you both had to endure something so traumatic! It's completely understandable why that would change the way your dog acted around other dogs, but it doesn't always take such a scary event to trigger behavioral changes.

@Jjsanfran agrees, writing, "Doggy daycare ruined my dog. Now she is super reactive and we have a very different life now." Sometimes that's just how it is. Fortunately, Meg has a few suggestions for pet parents in this position.

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Something as simple as hiring a dog walker can make a world of difference for a pup who's home alone. If you value your dog's social time with other canines, though, a supervised puppy playdate with just one or two other dogs might be the way to go. You've got this, pet parents!

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