Dog Trainer Lists 3 Items People Need to Stop Buying for Their Pups

Dog trainers are experts when it comes to knowing what dogs should - and shouldn't - have. Taylor Cezanne is a professional dog trainer who visited a pet store in mid-May to show us three things that she would never buy her dogs, and what to purchase instead.

Taylor explains why she'd never buy her dog plushies, any rawhide treats, or choke and/or prong collars. What's great about the video is that she also explains why she wouldn't give her dog these things. Watch on to see her recommendations for the other products to buy instead of these three things.

So what do you think? I like that in the caption Taylor says that not everything is a one all fits all answer and that it's okay to do what works for you and your dog. For instance, my dog has two plushies she chews on and bats around, but she doesn't tear them apart so it's okay for me to buy them for her. I didn't know rawhides weren't good for her tummy, so I'll stop buying them for her even though she likes them. Do what works for you!

Commenters were all over the place, many saying that their dogs do not rip up plushies. Others gave their opinions on why they like the products she said not to buy. @Tricia shared, "I think it depends on the dog. Harnesses are not good for reactive dogs. A prong collar is amazing, when used properly." Another commenter said, "I work at a doggy daycare and a dog that boards LOVES his bully sticks. If he’s ever acting up I just ask “do you want your bully stick?” and he stops right away LOL!"

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Why Dogs Love Bully Sticks

During the video, Taylor said that bully sticks are made from just one ingredient, and to look it up if you don't know what it is. It's actually made from bull penis, which grosses a lot of people out, but dogs love 'em. The sticks are made with minimal processing and are an all-natural treat. You don't have to worry about artificial flavors, colors, additives, or preservatives. If you have a picky dog, a pup with a delicate stomach, or if they deal with food allergies, bully sticks are a perfect treat.

What's great about bully sticks is that they are perfect for heavy chewers. My dog is teething right now, so she chews on everything. A bully stick will keep her occupied for hours before she grows tired of it. And she's also not chewing on things she shouldn't be chewing on like our baseboards!

There are other benefits to bully sticks as well. You don't have to worry about splinters being swallowed. pointed out, "Bully sticks are firm enough to last through long chewing sessions but aren’t hard enough to break or damage dogs’ teeth." They also work as dental chews and help to remove tartar and plaque from their teeth, "Mechanical action of chewing scrapes teeth and gums to remove plaque and tartar that can build up over time."

Bully sticks are a great treat! But I should point out that they are more expensive than rawhides and marrow bones. Since they last longer, to me they seem to be worth the extra cost.

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