Dog Trainer Explains How To Get Pups Used To Noisy Things Like the Vacuum

Many dogs are afraid of things that make a lot of noise, like the vacuum cleaner. It's always a challenge to get a dog that's afraid of the vacuum to get used to it, but Pack Leader Dogs shares a quick explanation of how to do it without causing your dog any unnecessary stress.

The video was shared on Monday, March 18th, and in just over a minute he describes how to safely introduce your pooch to the vacuum cleaner. The first thing he reminds us is to leash the dog, that way if your dog tries to run away from or towards the vacuum, you can control it. Listen on as he describes step-by-step how to condition your dog to remain calm when the vacuum comes on.

What a great tip! Make sure to read through Pack Leader Dogs' caption where he shares even more information about dealing with dogs and the vacuum cleaner. There's a lot of good information there! It's important to start getting them used to it as puppies, but if you missed the window, he goes on to say that the best time to start is now. He also said that he'll be posting more videos on this topic since it effects so many dogs.

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Getting Dogs Used to Loud Sounds

In general, dogs don't like loud sounds, especially from things that they've never been exposed to before (like a puppy meeting the vacuum cleaner for the first time). For most things that make loud sounds in the house (like a hair dryer or the blender in the kitchen), you can use the same method in the video. But what about things that are loud that you can't control, like thunder or the sound of exploding fireworks?

Because you want to desensitize your dog to the noise, Best Dog Answers recommends that you find a recording of the noise (maybe YouTube a thunderstorm or fireworks exploding) and play it for your dog on a low volume. Over a period of time, gradually increase the volume...don't forget to praise your dog when they are not bothered by it, and comfort them when they are. "If your dog becomes agitated or fearful at any point during the exposure, stop immediately and try again later on with a different noise."

If you're concerned about how your dog might react when hearing thunder or exploding fireworks for the first time, remain to remain calm when they occur because dogs react to how you react. You may also consider purchasing a ThunderShirt which can help calm them down and relax during those times that they hear the scary noises.

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