Dog’s Stealthy Attempts To Sneak by Grouchy Cat Doesn’t Go as Planned

If you have a dog and cat, chances are they probably have a love/hate relationship. The same is true for Waffles and Maple. Waffles is an orange cat with a typical orange cat personality, and Maple is her Golden Retriever sister who is a little bit afraid of her. Their mom shared a video in mid-March of a couple of their interactions, and it will make you smile!

In the video, it's clear that Waffles is the one in charge in the house. In the first clip, Waffles is lying on the couch and Maple is attempting to get past him. Maple is literally trying to tippy-toe past the cat while hoping not to get his attention. The attempt fails! The same thing happens in the second clip when Maple tries to get past him on the stairs. Make sure your sound is on so you can hear Waffles' disapproval!

I laughed so much at both scenarios! I love how Waffles' human called him a 'spicy' cat! They said in the caption, "Waffles may be small, but his presence is large!" Commenters left more than 2,500 comments on Waffles and Maple's video. @aliya guzman got 75 thousand likes when she pointed out, "The avoiding of eye contact LOL!!!" and @Josselyn got more than 50 thousand likes when she said, "Cats HATE when things move too much around them while they loaf!" And I laughed when @corporat added, "He's just standing there... MENACINGLY!"

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Can Cats and Dogs Get Along?

Growing up, we always had cats and dogs in our house. Just like us humans do with our siblings, they sometimes fought like cats and dogs, but for the most part they got along. Cats and dogs can learn to live together in (somewhat) harmony.

There are some dog breeds that just get along better with cats than others, and so you'll need to research your dog's breed to see how they feel about felines. With a little training and patience, most dogs and cats can live together - it'll just take some time and preparation on your end.

The initial meeting is very important, and not a fast process. The goal is to keep your pets calm and safe. You'll want to have plenty of dog treats and cat treats available for positive reinforcement. Before even making the introduction it's a good idea to swap a blanket or other item between the two areas that your pets are in just so that each can get used to each other's scent. Take your dog on a long walk so that they’re tired and calmer than when they have pent up energy. The first meeting should be short – no more than a few minutes – before separating them again.

You'll want to make sure your cat has escape zones that the dog can't get to for when it wants to be left alone. Some cats prefer to be up high so they can watch what's going on from a safe position. Make sure to have shelves or a climbing frame available. Stair gates can be used in between rooms to prevent the dog following your cat.

In the beginning, it's best not to leave the two alone together - always supervise their interactions. You know your pets better than anybody, so make sure to watch closely for signs of distress.

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