Dog Spoiled by Grandparents in Owner’s Absence Goes Viral

retired couple kissing dog dog spoiled by grandparents
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retired couple cuddles with dog spoiled by grandparents
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When you have to travel, be it for work or pleasure, and leave your dog behind, you want them to be well-cared for. You hope that whoever is watching over your fur baby will care for your pup as well as you would. However, what happens if they treat your dog a little too well? As in, eschew the rules, spoil them, and basically let them do whatever they want? That was the case for one dog spoiled by grandparents in his owner’s absence. The influencer pup went viral on TikTok for shocking his owner upon her return.

Myko is an adorable dog with a sizable social media following. The pooch, also known as @mykomushroom, boasts 1 million followers on TikTok alone. In a recent video that begins with a hand on a doorknob, Myko’s anonymous owner described how “I asked my parents to watch him while we were away. I was SO excited to film me picking him up but when I got to their house…”

The owner opened the door, expecting her fur baby to run to her, but nope. Instead, she found Myko was on top of the kitchen table while his grandparents sat, smiling and amused by the behavior! Myko even gave his grandad a kiss, and in returned, received some nice pats!

“They had just finished eating breakfast and he was STANDING and nuzzling them on the table,” Myko’s owner described.

But wait! It gets worse. In the next frame, Myko sits on the table and gives a little tail wag. It’s almost as if to say, “We’re good here, mom. You can come back later.”

@mykomushroom The head bump I was NOT raised this way-why can he do whatever he wants?!#funnydog #dogsoftiktok #cutedog #grandparents ♬ Married Life (From “Up”) – Geek Music

The unique role of grandparents in a dog’s life

Myko is fortunate in that he gets to visit his grandparents often – as much as four times a week!

“Myko is obsessed with his grandparents,” his owner told Newsweek. “It’s like his second home, but we call it his vacation home.”

She considered the viral scene “hilarious and silly” and insisted she “wasn’t mad at all” by Myko’s antics. After all, it’s practically in a grandparent’s job description to spoil their grandkids – even if by “grandkids” you mean “fur babies.”

“It’s a bond that’s free any of the totally normal and understandable challenges that come with being a parent,” Myko’s owner told Newsweek. “They just get to have fun, be a safe place and an escape—it’s pure love.”

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