Dog Running Straight to Dad's Grave Unknowingly Is So Incredibly Moving

We can't stop sobbing over this.

We’ve said before how much it breaks our hearts when a pet’s owner passes because they don’t know what happened to them. They grieve with so many unanswered questions. Ugh, the tears are starting to come just thinking about it. But even though they don’t necessarily know what happened, there’s no doubt in our minds they can still feel the presence of their human.

Just take this viral video from TikTok user @camillegriffith as an example. We feel so bad for her and her dog because they lost her boyfriend and this Golden Retriever’s human dad. She decided it was time to visit his grave. And without ever being there before, her dog somehow knew where to go. Grab a tissue for this one.

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Wow, we don’t even know what to say about this. We’re truly at a loss for words and we would’ve completely lost it if we were in her shoes. We’re just glad both she and her dog can grieve together. And hopefully, more visits will help both of them.

“I swear dogs can see the spirits. He heard his dad calling for him I bet,” said @mitch_v1ll. Honestly, we wouldn’t put it past them. They somehow just know. @b_real90 added, “That dog saw him for sure! You can tell! He stops to look right in front of him! They see things we can’t see and they feel our pain!” It totally seems like the dog is looking at something. We hope this will help the dog’s grieving process.

@colleen3311 commented, “Wow, this gives me the chills.” SAME! This just goes to show how special dogs are. We must protect them at all costs!

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