Dog Rescuer Asks for Help Naming the 'Skin and Bones' Stray She Found

A woman on the internet is being commended for going the extra mile for a dog in need. Maggie is the founder of Ruby and Laurel Animal Rescue Inc., so she knew exactly what to do when she came across a dog who needed a hand.

Maggie spotted the dog in a ditch on March 25 at around 7:11 pm.

The dog was all skin and bones when she found her. The skin was sagged and the poor pup looked seriously unwell.

"Hey baby! You're all right," Maggie said to the dog as she got closer. Luckily this little girl was a sweetie because it only took a little coaxing to get her to walk over to the dog rescuer.

"As soon as I crouched down I could smell her poor mangey skin," Maggie explained in the caption. The dog was so calm when Maggie pet her. She ultimately brought her home and vowed to get her some help.

"This baby has seen the worst of humans, but still belly crawled out of the ditch and into my arms," Maggie wrote in the caption. "She goes in first thing tomorrow for medical treatment and vaccines."

Maggie also asked for help naming the pup and people in the comments section had suggestions. "PENNY should be her name. She's a lucky girl," wrote one person. "Name her Faith because even after humans had failed her she still had faith and came to you for help!" someone else suggested. "Call her Phoenix. She has risen stronger than ever after her downfall. Such a beauty," someone else praised.

In an update to the post, Maggie gave more details on the dog's condition — and her new name.

The dog actually "chose" her name herself. Maggie placed her favorite options on pieces of paper and allowed the pooch to "pick" her new moniker. And the winner was...Slurpee. Slurpee because she was found at 7:11 — get it?

In another update video Maggie shared that Slurpee was a 3-year-old puppy who was thankfully heartworm free.

The dog was clearly in good spirits because she was all over Maggie as she spoke to the camera. Unfortunately Slurpee does have several other medical ailments — all of them treatable, but it will take some time.

The organization is taking donations to support Slurpee's medical treatment at care. You can visit the Ruby and Laurel Animal Rescue Inc. website or their Linktree page for ways to donate. Thankfully for now it seems like she's in good hands.

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