Dog Has the Most On-Point Reaction To Hearing Her Favorite Word While Napping

If you're a parent than you know how this goes: when you want the kids to hear you, they don't, and when you're trying to be quiet or secretive, they all the sudden hear everything. That's what happens in this video that Olive's mom @Avathetappingpei shared recently, and it's too funny!

The video is only 13 seconds long and starts with Olive "dead asleep" on the couch. Mom whispers her favorite words, "Do you wanna treat?" and before she even finishes saying it, Olive is up on her feet and sprints to the kitchen for a treat!

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Give that girl a treat! You can barely hear mom but Olive has no problem having a nap interrupted if a treat's involved. I know the feeling. Who wouldn't get up for their favorite thing? I mean, you can go right back to sleep afterwards!

Commenters loved Olive's quick reaction to hearing her favorite word. @JOHNNIE Prideaux shared, "That's what my Shar Pei does, she can be asleep and hear treat and she's up!" @detroit_skater laughed, "The way she stepped off the arm of that couch LOL!" She knew exactly where to go and stood right next to the treat jar! @lillianthomas437 added, "She is a smart cookie!" Great pun!

People also commented about how beautiful Olive is. Her coloring is so pretty. They're not wrong. I'm so glad that @Avathetappingpei shared the funny video of her gorgeous Shar Pei Olive. Hoping the algorithm gods bring me back for more of her shenanigans!

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