Dog Mom's Compilation of Things Her Beagle Stole Has People Laughing So Hard

Every dog--no matter how well-trained--has their naughty moments. It's just a part of life to have impulses, and some will inevitably be stronger than others. My senior cockapoo still lets the intrusive thoughts win when he's close to human food, while my Husky erases all memories of obedience training when one of his favorite people comes for a visit. These naughty quirks are just part of our pets' personalities!

For Kiki the sneaky beagle, thievery is her guilty pleasure. Her human mom often catches her with her latest treasures, so she had the genius idea to make 'things my dog stole this week' compilations on Instagram. Needless to say, the videos have made the naughty London pup more popular than ever!

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LMAO! Kiki has such a sweet, innocent face for such a sneaky pup, but I think that's part of her plan. If she plays cool, no one will notice the makeup headband that's gone missing!

This sweet beagle dog is half of the @beagleskiko duo. The other half is her fur sister Koko, who joined the family as a puppy in 2021. Hopefully, Big Sis's naughty habits won't rub off on her little sibling, although it sounds like it might be inevitable.

"Is this a beagle thing?" asked @running_with_positivity. "Because mine always steals stuff. Towels are her favorite, and she takes them to her bed." Aw! I know that's technically a naughty thing for her to do, but I'd be lying if I said it wasn't also adorable. And, it actually is a beagle thing!

These small hound dogs are incredibly smart, but they can also be stubborn or mischievous at times. Because they are scent hounds, many beagles steal and then hide food or objects that smell like their owner. For other beagles, nothing is off-limits!

Of course, dogs of any breed can be trained not to steal with enough time and patience. Providing mental stimulation might be enough to keep your beagle occupied, too, but don't give up if your stubborn pup keeps acting out at first.

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