Dog Mom's Compilation of the Funny Sounds Her Pug Makes Is Too Cute to Miss

Certain dog breeds--especially Huskies--are known for their incredible vocal abilities, but one sweet little Pug is giving them a run for their money. In fact, @pugloulou's human mom even made a compilation of the pup's repertoire of sounds!

The compilation was seen by over 183 thousand people in the first 5 days it was posted, and it's easy to see--or hear, we suppose--why. Little LouLou's sounds are to die for!

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OMG--we're obsessed! LouLou is the sweetest thing and we could watch her videos on repeat. In fact, we have before! Between her chic outfits and precious ways of talking, this adorable Pug has stolen our hearts.

It's especially exciting to see a Pug whining and barking as LouLou does because that's not normal for her breed! Actually, the American Kennel Club says that Pugs tend not to bark much at all. There must be something extra special about LouLou that allows her to be so vocal.

"Lou's outfits are so cute and the noises that Lou makes are so cute," agreed @kermitxx. No wonder she's so popular! Everyone is falling head-over-heels for this precious gal, and you can add us to that list, too.

Everything this tiny Pug does--from her slow blinks to her high-pitched whines--is making someone out there fall in love with her. For @jordy_muhnordy, it was her "dramatic yawns" that did it. For @elleandcharming, it was her "sweet little whines."

There are literally a hundred reasons to adore this popular dog, so we have a feeling she'll only get more popular from here--especially if she makes even more adorable sounds for her mama to post!

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