Dog Mom Makes Emotional Plea to Help Find Little Pup Who Got Off-Leash in Oregon

If there is one thing we wish no one ever has to feel is when their pet goes missing. It is quite possibly the worst feeling in the world. The thought of not knowing where they are, if they're safe or hurt can eat you up. Trust us, we've been there before and you can truly get over it.

Unfortunately, TikTok user @lonniegraham is going through this exact feeling as her little dog got off-leash in Oregon. She's turning to social media in hopes people in the area will be able to help find him. Grab a tissue for this one because her emotional plea will break you into a million pieces.

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Ugh, we feel so bad for this TikToker. This is by far the worst possible thing that can happen to a pet owner. We don't wish this feeling on even our worst enemies. Time for social media to work its magic!

"Worst feeling ever. Praying for a safe return," wrote @paddleboard_adventures. That's all we want in this world. Not only do we hope they're reunited, but we also hope he's safe during this time.

TikToker @fatherjohnmistress's suggestion can be used by all pet owners who have to experience this heartbreak. The comment reads, "Send a photo to all nearby shelters, vets offices, and post to the NextDoor app/local Facebook groups, etc. Really hope you get your baby boy back." That's such a great idea. It may not seem like these steps would help, but a little can go a long way. And who knows, maybe someone found her dog and brought him into the shelter or to the vet. Sending our thoughts and prayers to this TikToker.

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