Dog Mom Exposes Her Blue Heeler's 'Neurotic' Tendencies in the Funniest Way

We weren't ready for that last clip!

Every dog breed has its own tendencies and quirks, but this dog mom had no idea just what she was in for when she first brought home her blue heeler. True, her little bundle of joy is also part corgi, but he takes after his heeler ancestors in more than just his looks. Just wait until you see @cowboikirby's 'neurotic' behavior!

The precious, popular video starts with an adorable close-up of the pup, but you'll see exactly what this mama is talking about by the end of the video. If you're anything like us--you won't believe your eyes! 

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OMG! That's one speedy pup, and he's only going in a circle in the passenger seat of the car. Imagine how fast he can run out of the car! 

"The tornado sounds" like @ladyandtheblues pointed out, are the perfect details to represent this blue heeler mix. We can only imagine what zoomies are like for this energetic boy!

Commenter @oliverthechiweenie said, "I've never seen this episode of bluey." LMAO--that's because this crazy boy is the star of his very own show! Still, the blue heeler resemblance is uncanny! @Cherrymaki also called this video "my favourite deleted scene of Bluey," so we have a feeling these comparisons won't be going anywhere anytime soon. Especially when the comparisons are so accurate! 

@Aolani_servicedog_page made a great point when she said, "and that's shy so many end up in shelters now. people get them because they are cute but then can't handle them. My heeler is my life. They are great." They certainly are! It's not a dog's fault if an owner is unprepared, but it only goes to show why research is oh-so-important.

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