Dog Mom Catches Footage of 4.6 Magnitude Earthquake in LA Startling Her Pup

Los Angeles, California was hit with a 4.6 magnitude earthquake that reverberated across southern California. The quake was so strong that it frightened one dog in Westlake Village who was caught on camera running down the stairs in his home in a panic.

ABC 7 Los Angeles received a copy of the footage, which shows poor Butterscotch running downstairs tout suite. 

Earthquakes are scary when you're a human, but we can only imagine how freaky the earthquake was for all of the animals in the area. Hundreds of birds, cats, and dogs must have been so frightened and had no idea what was going on.

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The clip shared on TikTok by the news outlet shows Butterscotch in exactly this scenario. The clip features the pup pausing at the top of the stairs. He disappeared out of frame for just a moment and then the shaking started up again — prompting the dog to book it downstairs (probably searching for his owners for help).

"Video from a pet owner in Westlake Village shows the moment her dog Butterscotch felt the 4.6 earthquake that struck the Malibu area and was felt throughout much of the greater L.A. area," the video's caption reads.

The epicenter of the earthquake was northwest of Malibu, NBC 4 reports. It caused widespread shaking from the coast to inland areas of the state. The event reportedly started at around 2 pm in the Santa Monica Mountains — 7 miles northwest of Malibu.

After the initial quake, more than a dozen aftershocks were reported within the hour. The largest magnitudes of the aftershock quakes were 3.0 and 2.7.

Speaking with the news outlet, seismologist Dr. Lucy Jones remarked that these aftershocks were nothing to sneeze at.

"It's got a very robust aftershock sequence," Jones said. She explained to the news outlet that the chance that the quake was a foreshock to a larger seismic event rapidly diminishes over time.

Other pet owners chimed in on the video online and shared their own pet's reaction to the horrifying earthquake. "I noticed my dogs also reacted before the earthquake. Crazy how they know," one commenter remarked. "My dog started crying before it happened and she kept looking at my dumb a— like 'NOW DO YOU SEE MOM' like yes NOWWW I’m not super dog like you," one woman joked. "My dog went under the table like she knew what to do in case of an earthquake," a third commenter added.

As of this reporting there was no signs of property damage or injuries. So it seems that while Butterscotch might have been anxious, he probably made it through the quake a-okay.

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