Dog Mom Asks Her Stylist to Match Her Hair Color to Her Pup

It came out gorgeous!

Have you ever heard of or seen pet owners starting to look like their pets? Well, maybe it's the other way around. Pets can look like their owners naturally. Whatever the case might be, we've definitely seen the resemblance between pets and their owners before and we couldn't love it anymore!

But TikTok user @agirlandadoodle is going above and beyond to look like her precious fur baby. She went to her hair stylist and showed a picture of her Golden Doodle, hoping to get a new look that resembles her dog. Some might think it's strange, but we find it so sweet. And the result is simply amazing!

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O.M.G. Now, that's dedication! Something tells us we're going to start seeing a lot more owners and their pets looking alike because of this video. LOL! We don't mind though because it's adorable!

"I had this same thought!" said @adriennemelissa. Guess we have to jump on the bandwagon too and book an appointment! @mark_mahoney1 added, "New hair color is The Doodle." HA! We hope hair stylists have this color handy because it's about to be the style of the spring and summer!

We love that she went in and showed her hair stylist to color-match her dog. Talk about love! But TikTokers bring up a good point in the comment section. She needs to add in curls. LOL! @3momdoodles wrote, "Please get a perm next time." O.M.G. Could you imagine?! We wouldn't be able to tell them apart! LOL! @gwarrenofficial said, "No, you need a perm. Those are the rules."

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