Dog Loses His Ball in Mom's Veil During Wedding Ceremony and Everyone Is Here for It

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This is a moment to remember for sure.

The dream of all dog parents is to have our dogs involved in our wedding. For a special occasion like a wedding, we want our most important family members to be there, and our dogs are definitely included on that list. One bride and groom included their dog in the ceremony, but he got a little distracted and accidentally created this memorable and cute moment.

TikTok user @weddingsbymakana is an account that re-posts awesome wedding videos. They recently shared a video from one couple's wedding ceremony that involved their Golden Retriever. In the video, this pup got tangled up in his mom's veil while looking for his ball that he dropped. Oops! Check out the video to see the adorable hilarity that ensued as they got untangled.

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OMG, this was too awesome. We love that the bride thought this mix-up was funny, and this pup looked too handsome in his tuxedo for the ceremony! We can tell this family will tell this story from their wedding for many years.

People in the comments thought this dog had his priorities straight. @darenak5 said, "Priorities... The ball is his best friend, forget the veil," and @.fariha.khan commented what she thought this dog was thinking: "What's more important: mom's veil or ball? Ball." This dog knows what's most important to him, and it's not some silly piece of cloth on his mom's head!

Others loved the idea of including dogs in weddings. @shadowhoundcosplay commented, "New rule for my wedding: no kids, BUT PETS ARE MANDATORY." Another user, @chrisnelson210981, said, "From now on I am only attending weddings with dogs." We think this is an excellent rule of thumb for ensuring you only attend interesting weddings!

This was such a cute moment between the newly weds and their dog, we hope someone was able to capture a photo of this moment for them to frame!