Dog looks guilty as hell after she’s caught stealing food from cat’s bowl

In a serious case of good bois gone bad, a mischievous mutt was caught stealing cat food right out of the bowl by her owner, who had long suspected the dog of the petty crime.

“My dog has been sneaking downstairs and eating the cat food,” Reddit user hshenrysmith wrote. “Today I sat and waited for her to come down.”

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In the clip, the pet owner hides while filming the bottom half of a staircase in his home, waiting to catch his four-legged friend red-pawed.

When the pup — a part Shepard, part Golden Retriever, part Corgi mix — finally appears to steal herself a treat, her owner pounces and sends the pup retreating with her tail between her legs.

“No! Bad dog!” he says to the guilty looking animal.

The post has since been upvoted over 56,000 times and racked nearly 1,000 comments, many from pet owners who could relate to the dog’s lovably bad behavior.

“My dog sneaks downstairs and eats the cat s*** out of the litter box,” one user wrote. “Could be worse. The cat watches him do it.”

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“When I first moved into my house I put the cat and dog food in my spare bedroom. And put a cat door in so the cat could eat in peace,” said another. “Fast forward- my one dog was getting alarmingly pudgy at a quick pace. I didn’t understand why, as I hadn’t changed their diet and considered taking her to the vet. That is, until I caught her climbing OUT of the cat door.”

One useful Redditor even came to the rescue with a helpful solution for anyone dealing with a thieving pooch.

“Put the cat food up on something the dog can’t reach. Also it’s not ideal for a cat to bend over to eat,” they suggested. “Put the cat dishes on something 4 to 6 inches in height. It’s a much better way for them to eat.”

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