Dog Jumps Into Stranger's Car and Refuses To Leave in Cute Video


The universe works in mysterious ways, as we know. That being said, the dog and cat distribution system sometimes also works in mysterious ways, according to TikTok.

TikToker Alayna experienced that randomly a few weeks ago, which she shares in this video, and the Internet is all here for it! Let's find out more!

Aw, look at him! He got all comfortable in the driver's seat.

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Dogs are naturally social animals, and sometimes they might approach strangers out of curiosity, seeking attention, or simply to explore. When a dog displays trust and happiness upon entering a stranger's car, it sure is a heartwarming moment for both the dog and the person involved.

So, Alayna decided to take him on a ride and get him a well-deserved "pup cup," which he liked very much.

He seems quite comfortable, although a bit confused, and the collar could indicate he isn't a stray but, in fact, has a home and either got dumped or escaped somehow.

In another video, Alayna gave an update on the pup and shared that she couldn't keep him due to financial hardship and her current living situation, so she was forced to drop him off at an animal shelter.

Many TikTokers, in response, said she should start an Amazon wishlist, as people are willing to donate.

While this is a sweet suggestion, it's not enough to provide for a dog of that size, especially when the owner in question doesn't have permanent living, which the shelter would verify.

In her update, Alayna said she's trying her best to get permanent housing so she can get her dog back.

We're wishing her good luck on her journey so she can be reunited with her new-found dog soon.

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