Dog Immediately Spits Out Un-dipped Chip and Exactly Nobody Can Blame Him

All dogs have their own weird little personality quirks and peculiarities, and the internet is full of videos posted by owners of these pets and people seem to love them, especially when they can relate to how the pet is feeling. One quirk belonging to an adorable pup is something that is also shared by a lot of us humans, and that's that we prefer our snacks covered in delicious melted cheese.

Just check out this hilarious video of a dog posted on October 23 of a dog who has zero interest in an un-dipped chip. We are this dog, this dog is us.

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The funny video, shared by the TikTok account @riversideroger, shows the cute dog being offered an un-dipped chip, only to leave it on the floor where it belongs. I mean, do any humans go crazy over an un-dipped tortilla chip? I don't think so, so why should our dogs? No offense to anyone who adores their chips un-dipped.

TikTok users are absolutely siding with this incredibly smart pup and @Sandra comments, "To be fair, I spit out un-dipped chips too." Me too sister, me too. @Ra replies, "My dog is the same. Won’t touch anything without a sauce, dip or condiment."

I think the main issue with this whole situation is that this dog owner must be totally unfamiliar with the rules of the cheese tax which clearly state "The rules are the rules and the facts are the facts and if the cheese (dip) drawer opens, you gotta pay the tax."

Don't quote me on this, but I think his pup has grounds for a lawsuit!

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